Chiasm One

This body of work is largely driven by my response to reading Merleau-Ponty’s The Intertwining -The Chiasm and to viewing Frank Stella’s Firuzabad Variation 1 (1970) at the National Gallery of Canada.

Form is the rational grid section/detail but is eyeballed, not measured or mechanical Organic, human divisions

Obvious piece missing implicates the wall as not just a ground for the figure of the painting but are interdependent

The wall is important as the medium of silences between the paintings (music metaphor to time between notes)

Neons: reflective outward moving hue with interior, self-referential gesture

White painted over green to absorb the light an internal motion, but mimics the outside of the wall.

The work pulses and acts on the optic nerves back and forth viewer to image

Sides are left green causing halos a play of dimensionality, a tease for the viewer to approach or walk around

OIL ON canvas
Variable dimensions